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 February 5th, 2016  
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A Brazen New World

It’s kind of scary to think of the direction of the world. When I was a child I went to a school without fences. I went to a church and ran around with my friends (outside), as my parents stayed inside talking with their friends – after the service, of course. Now I hear of people getting gun-downed while they’re at the movie theater, eating lunch at school.

I doesn’t seem like anyone is safe. There are disturbed individuals that go around walking into churches and opening fire on an entire congregation. We are living in brazen world, and we need to be.

All I can say is that those that we lost in this world is Heaven’s gain.

It doesn’t matter where you turn. You will find something that you’ll want to protect your children or spouse from. From going out with their friends to doing their homework on the computer. I just saw my son accidentally come across this site the other day. We need God to help watch over our loved ones because we can’t be there to protect them.

If you’re ever in the area, please stop by our church:

823 Grasonville Cemetary Rd, Grasonville, MD

 January 11th, 2016  
 Our Church  
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